Bella Vita licensed to Divinity Boutique

Introducing, Bella Vita, a customer favorite in Divinity Boutique's Showroom, these gifts are sure to warm any kitchen. They will be at the Atlanta Americasmart in January in Showroom 1340 Building 2, if you are a store owner interested in having any of these products in your store, please visit Divinity Boutique.

Great Deals at Lang!

Hi Friends, There are some really great sales at I thought I would show a few, but there is much more...including candles, playing cards, Christmas cards and other fun mats. Have a great day!
 Favorite Things Sunny Side Artisan Petite Note Cards $5.00

Sunny Side Decorative Mat $29.99

Favorite Things Blue Butterfly Artisan Acrylic Travel Mug $5.00

Favorite Things Plan-It Plus 2015 $7.50
Good Friends Mat $29.99

Elegance Roses Writing Journal $5.00

Sunflowers 2015 Monthly Planner $5.50
Sunflowers Decorative Door Mat $29.99

March—Elegance Calendar licensed to Lang

Hi Friends,
Spring is here! I thought I would show my March image from my Elegance Calendar. This image is inspired by one of my favorite textile artists, William Morris. I chose daffodils because it reminds me of my dad who loved daffodils, and with the end of winter up sprouts new growth which we can see in Spring season, but also in life. 

THE MEANING & SYMBOLISM OF. narcissus / daffodil. Symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings, the daffodil is virtually synonymous with spring. 

The quote speaks to life as well..."Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting." Enjoy and cherish this day.

Terrarium Study

It has been quite a few months ago that I entered A Global Talent Search contest through Lilla Rogers Art Agency. The assignment was to create a piece of art with the subject being a Terrarium. There were so many wonderful and amazing entries! My first attempt felt a little too realistic, so I made another piece that matched the style I liked better. I added an imaginary giraffe and hippo with one of my favorites...a little, yellow bird. Even though I didn't make the cut, I tried and pushed myself on a subject matter I never would have painted on my own. Take a moment to enjoy some of the terrariums on I used as inspiration.

Chloe's Cyclops

Chloe's picture of a cheerful cyclops has been sitting on my desk giving me a smile. I thought this Friday I would share her talent with everyone. A cyclops skipping across a tight rope...

Ways to celebrate Fall

Chloe came up with her own Halloween D├ęcor Collection for her bedroom, carefully drawing and cutting out each pumpkin with a character to accompany these orange happy faces. My little graphic designer really impressed me with this one.
Chet and Chloe have found our Tulip Tree to be a great place for hanging out and posing and using their imagination.

Chloe has embraced Fall by always wanting to rake and loves loves jumping in the leaves and then rolling around in them afterwards.
Tony's pumpkin patch yielded the most we've ever had (6 total, 1 not present). It was so fun to watch them grow this summer and fall. Aren't they guordgeous?

My Cheetah children and I had so much fun at Coney Island for the Halloween celebration. We stayed until dark and enjoyed the thrill of the rides and more!

Fall wouldn't be complete without the annual trip to Neltner's Farm for a horse carriage ride out to the pumpkin patch, pony rides for the kids, corn maze and apple cider with musical entertainment in the background to boot. This is a tradition that I hope continues for many years to come. Happy Fall everybody!

Welcome Home Candle Gift Contest

I am excited to share this wonderful blog called "Welcome Home" which has its own fantastic facebook following. See all the exciting beautifully photographed foods and wonderfully, tasty recipes. I am fortunate to have my "Welcome Home" candle featured on the site as a gift in a fun contest by the creator, Marty Taylor...

Sculpy Foursomes Magnets by Wendy Bentley

 Sculpy Foursomes by Wendy Bentley

Not too long ago, I decided it was time to go through my stuffed work closet and review old projects. Tucked away in a box all bubble-wrapped were these little foursomes, magnet sculpts. I had done these years ago. I still like their naive, bright colored, youthful charm.