Sail Away Fabric Tote Bag by Wendy Bentley

Introducing, Sail Away Fabric licensed to Timeless Treasures. I decided this week-end to make a fun tote bag with my latest fabric. Spring break is around the corner and wouldn't it be fun to have a reversible, new tote to take with you?
Here are the simple instructions...
Things you'll need, sewing machine, tight 1/8" batting, thread, ruler and scissors and two complimentary fabrics (1/2 yard each.)

Cut 2 pieces of Sailboat fabric (16"wide X 18.75"length) and 2 pieces of Anchor fabric (16"wide X 18.75"length). Optional: Cut the bottom portion (16" X 6") so that you can sew the two different fabrics together (image below.)

Your seems are .375" and should be ironed opened. You have now created the front panels for the outside and the reversible inside. 
Next you will cut 4 (6" X18") side panels in the two fabrics (2 of each kind) and sew the sides to the front making sure the printed sides face each other. Then sew the final front piece on.
For the bottom piece. Cut 1 piece of each fabric that are (6.75" X 16.75".) 
Then iron the top edge of the bag over .625" inches.

Your innerlining is complete!
For the front you will cut batting the same size as the fabric so that the bag will be firm and have strength. Along the seem of the two fabrics, sew the batting to the fabric. Optional: If you wanted to do a quilting pattern here, you could.
Next cut batting for the side panels and then then sew the sides to the front. If you have directional fabric, make sure that fabric is facing the same direction. Sew the final front peice to the ends on the other side.
Cut batting for the bottom piece, pin and sew the bottom on all sides.

Fold, pin over the top of the bag (.625") and sew to finish the edge before putting on the handles.
Choose your canvas handle width. I have a 24" X 1" and pinned them 3.5" in from the side seem.
Pin the handles down from the edge about 1.5" and sew the ends to both sides.
Finally, place the lining inside the bag wrong sides facing each other. Pin the interior to the exterior and sew them together making sure you're careful  because this is final, finished seem.
Flip it the other way and enjoy your reversibility. Voila!

Give A Hoot by Wendy Bentley

We all should "Give a Hoot" about something in life, right? Well here are some reminders to have around the house. 18X18 Give a Hoot Reversible Pillow can match many homes with its deep charcoal brown background.
Or how about this 18X18 Give a Hoot bag for grocery shopping. I would love to have more than one of these bags for trips to the store.

This happy 50X60 Throw will brighten your day. These unique owls are like a group of friends giving you a smile for the day.  

I like the cheerfulness of this 10X10 embellished pillow. Cute for a girl's room. 

A happy collection painted and collaged. Did I mention these products were made in USA. Give a Hoot about that!
Have a great day,

Ornaments by The Bentley's

Chloe's little cardinal on a nest with the cardinal eggs underneath sitting in a comfy nest.

Chet, Chloe and Charlotte.

Chloe's snowface, Tony and Me.

Here they all are together on the 2013 Christmas tree.

Hi Friends, I guess a new tradition has developed over the last couple of years. We have turned ornament making into a Christmas tradition. With a little Sculpy purchased at Michael's and some paint, we made these simple little ornaments for 2013. Here are some simple tips...First work the Sculpy in your hands to make it softer and workable. After creating your ornaments, don't forget to poke a hole in the top with a paperclip. Bake your creations for 15minutes at 275ยบ, let cool and paint. Add some elastic string so they can be hung on the tree. Don't forget to "date" your designs. Happy Holidays!

Lang Christmas Cards by Wendy Bentley

Hi Friends, I hope something as wonderful as sending out Christmas cards has not become a lost art. It takes a little time to make it happen, but the thought of this gesture during the holidays is so appreciated by your friends and family. I have cards licensed to Lang that I hope you would be proud to send. The classic Partridge in a Pear Tree is a theme I never tire of and I think you will be impressed with texture of the linen card stock and the metallic printed snowflakes. Also available for personalization with a photo and its ON SALE!!

A cheerful duo are just about to have a mistletoe kiss. This Joy to All card was particularly fun to design remembering back to Chloe, my daughter helping me paint the initial concept and making decisions on the ornament colors with me. The pink background will really pop against the other cards that are sent.
And...the same card is also available for your own personalization (there are other options on the Lang site, so visit to see.) I know photos are a popular theme to include, so you get an Artisan card plus your pictures....kinda fun, huh?
How about this Stocking Cap Penguin Note card? It is a petite Christmas note card and you won't believe the sale price! Maybe this could be the thoughtful card your kids could send out this holiday season?

Lastly, there is Celebrate...for good cheer brings abundanceMy mom came up with the sentiment on this card; I love collaborating with my family. 

The nice thing about this particular card is that you have a number of choices in building the personalization on the inside adding your photos and such. Check out the link to see the possible options. 
Happy Holidays, Wendy

Graphic Partridge by Wendy Bentley

Hi Friends,
I am so excited to show the Graphic Partridge Collection licensed to Manual Woodworkers, proudly made in the USA. Fun icons remind us of the charm that Christmas brings. There is a home decor wall hanging, pillows, table runner and throw in this collection.
This wall hanging reminiscent of a quilt has the famous Partridge in a Pear Tree, Two Turtle Doves, Three French Hens and Four Calling Birds. Drawn in a playful way in home decor friendly Christmas colors. 

This reversible Partridge 18" pillow can be reversed from day to day to give your living space a refreshing look depending on your mood.

Large ornaments decorate this reversible 10" pillow and has two different color backgrounds to match your style.

Decorate your table or buffet with this graphic poinsettia print table runner.

This throw combines all the elements of Christmas...celebrate now because the season goes so quickly! Happy Holidays, Wendy

Wendy Bentley Cards licensed to It Takes Two

Hi Friends,
Let's not forget how special it is to send a card to our family and friends wishing them a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year this season. Ya know...we are living in a digital world these days and it is inevitable that most communication happens through the latest technology, but to make special occasions extra special, a card can really make a difference. I teamed up with Kimberly, one of the owners and creatives over the last several years to develop cards for all occasions. Her company, It Takes Two, Inc. has a wonderful staff of people and it has been a joy working with them. Along with Kimberly's mom, It Takes Two has many artists they collaborate with.
I thought I would highlight some of the cards I have developed and send a link if you are interested in any of my designs
 It Takes Two—1-800-331-9843.

These happy, little Christmas cards will hopefully bring a smile to your face. The cards I have designed also have art and sentiment by Kimberly on the inside too, so surprise value throughout!
The two Tiny Treasures on top are mine, but any of these would make such cute stocking stuffers. Inspirational quotes remind those you love that they are special.
In our house, Tony and I have photo albums laying around. This makes the stories of our lives more accessible to the kids. 

There are cards for all occasions, of course. Here are a few I did for "Birthdays, Thanks, New Baby, and Loss of a Loved One." I hope the whimsy and colors are appealing. 
And there is a variety of Graduation cards some are bejeweled with gems and others are little more gender neutral. The best thing to do is head over to the site and see if there is anything that is appealing to you. If you are looking for It Takes Two wholesale prices, there is a special site for that is well. All the best at the end of this year and on to the next! Wendy

Folksy Christmas by Wendy Bentley

Hi Folks,
The holidays are here and maybe its time to do some fun, new decorating around the house with my new collection called Folksy Christmas licensed through Manual Woodworkers. The collaged and painted icons have a naive, natural quality and hearken back to the good old days.

Here is a flag of a friendly Santa offering up some "jolly fun."

This cozy throw shows all the fun, folksy icons in this collection and will go with most home decor. Along with the comfy blanket, here are two pillows showing the front and back, one 10inch and the other 18inch and a table runner wishing "Peace on Earth."

I hope this collection brings you joy this holiday season!