Snowblobs and Snowangels

If you can't make a proper snowman due to fluffy, unpackable snow, make Snowblobs! After a bit of shoveling, making tracks in the snow, Chet and Chloe attempt their first snowangels for the winter. That's the winter spirit!

Teacher Christmas Presents

Hi Everyone,
If you need to purchase a gift for your children's teacher, here are some great, affordable gifts licensed to Brownlow. Happy Holidays!

Nativity Gnomes

Hi Everyone,
Here are some nativity sculptures I did for Transpac Imports. I was so happy with how my nativity gnomes turned out. If anyone has a set of these cute figurines and wants to sell them to me, please let me know. Every once in a while you don't get samples of your manufactured creations. I'll keep searching...maybe one day they'll come back.

Fleece Jumper & Vest

Hello Everyone,
With winter and the holidays upon us, I thought I would show some fun projects I did with my mother-in-law last winter. The snowflake jumper fleece dress and vest were a matching set for my darling children, Chet and Chloe, great for a Christmas photo. I also did another wintry, mint fleece jumper with cute little snowman pockets. The scarves were done with a corduroy print I love. I hope this inspires you all to do your own fun little winter project.

Chet Monster 2

Another Great illustration by Chet. He did this drawing for his Grandma Bentley. It is one of my favorites!

Chet's Monster

Hey everyone! It has been a while since I posted. I wanted to show off a Monster picture from my talented son, Chet. I love all the colors. It is kind of funny how he fears monsters, dreams of monsters and then churns out these multi-colored, friendly creatures. Not bad for a 4 year old, huh?

I Love You and Modzoo

You know how mom's never throw away precious things their kids have done? Well, my mom found a little needlepoint I did so long ago, I can't even remember doing it! I do remember the feeling of going into a craft store and picking out a needlepoint kit, rug latch hook or yarn to crochet a little blanket. Now I am designing needlepoint kits for others and it is a thrill. There is an adorable set of needlepoint items from my Modzoo collection manufactured through Dimensions Crafts. If your in need of a perfect gift for an expecting loved one, these might be the perfect holiday project. Here is the link below. Please send me your beautiful handy-work of anything Modzoo and I will tell your story in my blog.

Blossom Lane Buttons

Here is something fun I did with my Blossom Lane fabric scraps. I made upholstery buttons refrigerator magnets. All you need is your favorite fabric, upholstery buttons, hot glue and a magnet. A collection of four would make a really fun stocking stuffer. hmmm

Gypsy Garden Art

Hi There!
Are you looking for some elegant note cards, gift bags or a journal. The quality of these products, manufactured by CR Gibson are just beautiful. Look for Gypsy Garden by Wendy Bentley for a great gift for a loved-one, or yourself!

Itty Bitty Days

Hi Everyone,
If you're looking for a wonderful gift for a baby shower, look for my baby collection called Itty Bitty Days also know as By the Pond for CR Gibson. There is a Record Book, Album and Grandmas Brag Book. A fun, child-like look at the small wonders of nature.

Halloween Night

Here is my Halloween Hoopla collection I did renamed Halloween Nights through Magnet Works. They did a wonderful job with their product line of flags, mats, mailbox covers and magnet signs. If you are interested in purchasing any outdoor decor, go to I am so happy with the quality of this work. Happy Halloween!!

Halloween Hoopla

Hi Everyone,
With Halloween around the corner, I thought I would share a collection I did for Certified International that I am really proud of. I remember the late nights, staying up painting these wonderful characters. These ceramics are all hand-painted and done incredibly well. Enjoy!

Gourd Face

Hey Everyone,
We just can't get enough of Pumpkins this fall. We decided to head back out to the Neltner Farm with friends. Here is a gourd face we threw together while we were out in the pumpkin patch. Enjoy every bit of Fall. It goes too quickly!

Pumpkin Patch Fun

It is so fun celebrating the fall season with a visit to the 6th generation Neltner Farm. We rode a wagon out to the pumpkin patch, drank cider, bought apples and enjoyed the farm animals. This is a place we will definitely visit again. Chet and Chloe are still talking about the horses and pigs they want to have some day.

Flower Friends Quilt

Hi Everyone,
As a licensed artist, not every collection I develop goes anywhere. Here is precious quilt I made called "Flower Friends" along with a curtain and crib sheet. This quilt still makes me smile.

Chloe's Birthday

Hi Everyone,
This purple and pink cake has been a vision my daughter and I have discussed for months. She explained she wanted a pink cake, with pink and purple icing. Chloe, my little baking helper, and I were very happy with how it turned out.

Later, Chet and Chloe became explorers with their backpacks and navigational birthday balloons traveling down the backyard. I love this picture of the two of them.

Fall Fur-lined Purse

What's in style these days? There's a whole lot of good stuff in the October 2010 People. I am highlighting a fur-lined purse. There are also coats and boots too. Here is corduroy, fur-lined purse, ipod case and checkbook cover I made that is perfect for fall!

Animal Prints by Mystic Fish

Hi Everyone,
I have been noticing that animal prints are coming back in fashion. It brought me back to my pottery days when I was obsessed with throwing pottery. I thought I would show some of my mini vases, lidded vessels and candy dishes. My logo, Mystic Fish was based on being a Picses and my maiden name's initials "WM". I still have my pottery wheel, but hasn't been used in ages. I hope to one day get back into pottery.