Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes

Hi Everyone,
Here is a delicious leftover lunch I had the other day. I was thinking how much I love meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and then I noticed that the dollop of butter was shaped like a heart. I know, maybe not the healthiest, but down-home-good!

MayasKalupi Etsy Store

GIFT SET - Mini Coloring Wallet and Your Princess Purse & Mini Coloring Wallet - Sunflowers in White - Wendy Bentley fabric - Notepad and Crayons included

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Armee on-line at her Etsy Store called MayasKalupi's. Here is a little about Armee in her words.

"I have enjoyed creating crafts since I was a child. I remember when I was in 4th grade I used to buy plastic headbands, embellish them and then sell to my classmates.
My mother taught me sew when I was 10 years old. My 2 sisters and I would sew baby shorts, shirts, pajamas, etc. for our my mother during the summer so we could buy special treasures, like stationery, plastic wallet, stickers, a new pencil case...I was proud of my hard work and accomplishments at such a young age! Years later, now, I'm a stay home mom to my adorable baby girl who also sews and sells her own stuff to earn extra money. My husband and I moved here in the US from the Philippines on March of 2007. I now consider U.S our home but still only next to my native land.

SALAMAT SA LAHAT! (Thank you to all!)

Thank you Armee, for sharing your story. Here is a link to her Etsy Store site:

To look for Blossom Lane or Tweet fabric made by Timeless Treasures,
check your local quilt shop first & if it isn't available, here are a few choices, or

Blossom Lane Clutch from Bluecalla at Etsy

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Celine on-line after seeing a beautiful clutch she made with my Blossom Lane fabric through Timeless Treasures. Celine's Etsy store is called Bluecalla. She lives in Toronto, On Canada.

Here is a little about Celine in her words: "I'm a total sewing addict! I started by sewing clothes for my kids and after receiving many compliments, I bought myself a fantastic sewing machine and the rest is history! I have been able to quit my day job as a web developer and I now sew handbags for a living. I recently added some quilts to my shop - these are made by my mother with scraps from my bags. She has been sewing all her life and taught me a lot!"

Thanks for sharing you story, Celine.

To get all the details about this clutch, price, measurements check out Celine's site at Etsy.[0]=tags

Mini Owls

Hi Everyone,
Since I have been showing all my Night Owl Pillows, I thought I would show the Mini Owls I made too. I added the apple so you could see the scale of them. I think they would make cute keychains or even ornaments for a Christmas tree. Imagine having a whole tree made of little owls with all your fabric scraps that you just can't throw away. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Summer Salad

I thought I would share one my husband's and my favorite salad that we love to have in the summer. Garden tomatoes, fresh basil, buffalo mozzarella medallions covered in Cardini's Balsamic Vinaigrette...yum...yum.

Marblehead, Ohio

We finally got away on a vacation with the kind of feels like the first official one ever. The drive was about four hours North from Northern Kentucky. This trip was longer than any usual trip we have taken with Chet and Chloe. Are we there yet? ....every kid figures out asking that question, don't they? My husband, Tony is holding up the oldest lighthouse on the Great Lakes in Marblehead, Ohio. We also took a ferry over to Put-n-Bay and spent the day there. Here are some sweet moments throughout the trip. I can't wait to go again. The next time we go, we will definitely rent a place with a kitchen since Chet reminded me that "this food doesn't taste like the food from home."

Chrissi Richards Photographer

I am excited to highlight an awesome photographer I recently met through the internet, Chrissi Richards. She was kind enough to show me some wonderful comments about some of the plates I made that she had in her photoshoot with her gorgeous daughter. The photography is so colorful, beautiful and fun! It just makes you want to be in there. Visit Chrissi's website to learn more about her and her work.

The Gypsy Garden plate group also has large soup mugs and coffee mugs made by Transpac Imports. Also, if you are looking for similar wall art with a similar color palette, look up Bentley Publishing Group. The art in this collection is called Bohemian Floral.

Night Owl Pillows

Here are the Night Owl Pillows I made at a photoshoot in my backyard. I rummaged through my chest of fabric and came up with my fabric coordinates. After making these, of course, I had to name them. Left to Right: Sporty Spencer, Preppy Penelope, Honey Sonny, Safari Sam, Happy Henrietta and Fruity Freda. Now all I need to do is add to this happy crew with some fabric from Blossom Lane and Tweet.

Chet in his Fort

Here is Chet in his bedroom with the fort he has built. This also doubles as a hiding place when we are playing hide-n-seek. I made an owl with some of his bedding fabric from IKEA. One of these days, I hope to make a little fabric boy collection. Chet has advised me that he likes dinosaurs and sharks. He is ALL boy!

Two "Tweet" Quilts

Hi Everyone,
Here is not one, but two quilts that were made over the weekend with my fabric collection called "Tweet" by Timeless Treasures.
My mom actually sewed the traditional quilt in one afternoon three days after foot surgery! I was inspired to do a diagonal one, based on a conversation I had with my mother-n-law who has made some beautiful quilts over the years. Both of these quilts are perfect for a baby crib.

To find Tweet made by Timeless Treasures, check your local quilt shop first & if it isn't available, here are a few choices, or

Preparing Breakfast

Hi Everyone,
Here is a cute picture of Chloe this morning. My "almost three year old" is my little homemaker. When we make pancakes, she likes to sift the flour
and pour the milk into the bowl. When getting ready to crack the eggs, she says, "This is Chet's egg. This is my egg. Where's your egg, Mommy?" She is wearing an adorable little apron we bought, but I think it would be fun if I made her an apron from my own fabric designed for Timeless Treasures. It will have pockets, one of the most important features in clothing design for 3-year olds. Pockets are a place to cradle small treasures, and when she reaches her hand into one of them, she always find surprises...a tiny baby doll, a marble, a red swirly lollipop waiting to be licked.

If anyone wants to send in an image of a little girl apron they make with Tweet or Blossom Lane I would love to showcase it! Once I finish making one myself, I will certainly showcase, but I would love to show off other people's creativity too! For locating this fabric, go to, or