Chloe's Birthday

Hi Everyone,
This purple and pink cake has been a vision my daughter and I have discussed for months. She explained she wanted a pink cake, with pink and purple icing. Chloe, my little baking helper, and I were very happy with how it turned out.

Later, Chet and Chloe became explorers with their backpacks and navigational birthday balloons traveling down the backyard. I love this picture of the two of them.

Fall Fur-lined Purse

What's in style these days? There's a whole lot of good stuff in the October 2010 People. I am highlighting a fur-lined purse. There are also coats and boots too. Here is corduroy, fur-lined purse, ipod case and checkbook cover I made that is perfect for fall!

Animal Prints by Mystic Fish

Hi Everyone,
I have been noticing that animal prints are coming back in fashion. It brought me back to my pottery days when I was obsessed with throwing pottery. I thought I would show some of my mini vases, lidded vessels and candy dishes. My logo, Mystic Fish was based on being a Picses and my maiden name's initials "WM". I still have my pottery wheel, but hasn't been used in ages. I hope to one day get back into pottery.


Hi Everyone,
I thought I would show some poppies I have been thinking about that I did quite a while ago. I love the spontaneity of the line work with the bold, bright colors. I simply like the simplicity.

Pink Floral Dreams Girl Dresses

Hi Everyone, Here is another little girl's group called Pink Floral Dreams. Chloe and I are big fans of pink! I hope you enjoy!

JuJu' Petals Girls Clothing

Hi Everyone!
My little Chloe JuJu is about to turn three, so I have been out clothes shopping. Looking at little girl outfits is so much fun. It reminded me of a collection I did a while back that I wish would have come to fruition. I love the fact that is a complete mix and match group. Chloe inspired this collection.

Blossom Lane Purse from Sephyra

Hi Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Jenny at her Etsy Store, Sephyra. She has made a beautiful purse that is unique inside and out from two of the fabrics from Blossom Lane. Here is a little about Jenny, from Farnham, Quebec, Canada.

"I am a young mother of 29 years and I am passionate knitting for over 12 years. I wanted to stay at home with my little treasure that is growing up, so I decided to start my own home business. The morning, I wake up with a smile, and I will create unique items, along with my little flower that hatched ... Je suis une jeune maman de 29 ans et je suis passionée de tricot depuis plus de 12 ans. J'avais envie de rester à la maison avec mon petit trésor qui grandit, j'ai donc décidé de démarrer ma propre entreprise chez moi. Le matin, je me lève avec le sourire, et je vous crée des items uniques, aux côtés de ma petite fleur qui éclos..."

Check out Jenny's store

Looking for Blossom Lane? Check your local quilt shop first & if it isn't available, here are a few choices online, or

Blossom Lane bibs from OGatoTigrado

Hi Everyone! When I find someone who has used my fabric to create something beautiful and unique, I just can't wait to highlight them on my blog! I am happy to introduce Rita and her Etsy Store, OGatoTigrado. Rita and her family live in Faro, Algarve, Portugal. It is exciting to find Blossom Lane fabric in so many countries.

Here is a little about Rita in her words:
My name is Rita, I'm a 31 years old marine biologist working on my PhD degree and a mother of two boys. I recently discovered the amazing world of sewing and crafting, and I simply love it! There's nothing better to relax than creating a bib, bag or a beautiful pillow...

If you are looking for Blossom Lane Fabric, check your local quilt shop first & if it isn't available, here are a few choices, or and so much more!

Kara Leona

Hi All,
I thought I would take a moment to celebrate one of my best friend's newest additions, Kara Leona. I look forward to Chloe and Kara being playmates over the years to follow and am so happy for Krissy and Josh. They have their little boy Myles and their little girl Kara, congratulations!

Garden Flowers

Hi Everyone,
Looking for inspiration? How about nature's color palette? Walking through my in-laws gardens, I was drawn to photograph these beautiful flowers. I just love the color combinations and the vibrancy.