Preparing Breakfast

Hi Everyone,
Here is a cute picture of Chloe this morning. My "almost three year old" is my little homemaker. When we make pancakes, she likes to sift the flour
and pour the milk into the bowl. When getting ready to crack the eggs, she says, "This is Chet's egg. This is my egg. Where's your egg, Mommy?" She is wearing an adorable little apron we bought, but I think it would be fun if I made her an apron from my own fabric designed for Timeless Treasures. It will have pockets, one of the most important features in clothing design for 3-year olds. Pockets are a place to cradle small treasures, and when she reaches her hand into one of them, she always find surprises...a tiny baby doll, a marble, a red swirly lollipop waiting to be licked.

If anyone wants to send in an image of a little girl apron they make with Tweet or Blossom Lane I would love to showcase it! Once I finish making one myself, I will certainly showcase, but I would love to show off other people's creativity too! For locating this fabric, go to, or

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  1. Wendy, She is so cute! This is a perfect collection for a little one.