Halloween Pumpkin Carving Fun

Hi Folks, Halloween is just days away. Something about Halloween is just so much FUN! Last night we carved our pumpkins. As you can see, we have a permanent marker side and a carved side. Along with our carved pumpkins, I dressed Chloe and Chet up in some basic Pumpkin shawls I made several years ago. They are so easy to make and can really keep you warm.

We happen to get two whole pumpkins out of our own back yard garden. One of the pumpkins ended up being gored by a raccoon....looks like pumpkin soup inside. Soon, another pumpkin was growing, first green, then yellow and then a gorgeous orange. I took a beautiful birds-eye view of the top of the pumpkin and love where the green stem meets the vibrant orange, so beautiful!

I love the outdoor mat I did several years ago through Magnetworks. Such a friendly greeter. More Halloween fun to come....

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