Wendy Bentley Cards licensed to It Takes Two

Hi Friends,
Let's not forget how special it is to send a card to our family and friends wishing them a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year this season. Ya know...we are living in a digital world these days and it is inevitable that most communication happens through the latest technology, but to make special occasions extra special, a card can really make a difference. I teamed up with Kimberly, one of the owners and creatives over the last several years to develop cards for all occasions. Her company, It Takes Two, Inc. has a wonderful staff of people and it has been a joy working with them. Along with Kimberly's mom, It Takes Two has many artists they collaborate with.
I thought I would highlight some of the cards I have developed and send a link if you are interested in any of my designs
 It Takes Two—1-800-331-9843.

These happy, little Christmas cards will hopefully bring a smile to your face. The cards I have designed also have art and sentiment by Kimberly on the inside too, so surprise value throughout!
The two Tiny Treasures on top are mine, but any of these would make such cute stocking stuffers. Inspirational quotes remind those you love that they are special.
In our house, Tony and I have photo albums laying around. This makes the stories of our lives more accessible to the kids. 

There are cards for all occasions, of course. Here are a few I did for "Birthdays, Thanks, New Baby, and Loss of a Loved One." I hope the whimsy and colors are appealing. 
And there is a variety of Graduation cards some are bejeweled with gems and others are little more gender neutral. The best thing to do is head over to the site and see if there is anything that is appealing to you. If you are looking for It Takes Two wholesale prices, there is a special site for that is well. All the best at the end of this year and on to the next! Wendy

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  1. I love your style, Wendy. I should say CREATIVE GENIUS. Thanks for showing us all these great new designs!