Perk Me Up boxes

Tweetily Doodle,
I thought I would share the latest gift boxes I made. I will be selling them at a coffee shop show I will be doing with my friend Pam. Wouldn't these be cute to give these boxes with chocolates and coffee as a gift to a friend? Here is a little about my "Perk Me Up" collection:

There are certain necessities in life—1.Coffee and 2. Chocolate; they go hand in hand. If you are looking for an energy booster, try the fabric in Perk Me Up. This collection is a flash back to ‘60’s art, with the color trends of today. Perk Me Up is great for hand bags, purses, table cloths, place mats and kitchen decor. 

I look forward to seeing other people's great design with this collection. Look for Perk Me Up in local quilt shops and on-line stores. Tweetily Doodle.

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