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Hi Friends,
One of my favorite things is learning about other creative people and showing off their wonderful work. I recently found some totally cute dresses made from my Lift Your Spirit collection by Cindy Fix at her Etsy studio called 8th Day Studio. I wrote to her and asked if she could tell me a little bit about her. I just love Cindy's spirit and her letter gives us a glimpse into her world.

Hi Wendy!

I'd be honored to be mentioned in your blog! I can't tell you how much I love this fabric -- a year ago I made a set of pillowcase dresses like the ones on my Etsy site, for my niece who was expecting twins. One dress had the blue on top and yellow on the bottom; the other was reversed. I made hair bows to match. They were the hit of the baby shower, and she LOVED them! 

As for my creative life.... hmmm.... Mom taught me to sew when I was 8 years old. I was the third of four girls. I figured if I was ever going to get to wear something that wasn't a hand-me-down twice over, I'd better learn to make my own clothes! And I did. Took a flat pattern design class in high school, and that added a whole new dimension to my sewing career. Majored in fashion design in college, but plans got waylaid by marriage and babies, so I never did finish, but kept sewing and creating nevertheless. Fast forward 25 years -- my daughter and I started an online boutique for little girls; I made the clothes, she made the bows -- and we had fun with that until SHE started having the babies. Four of them in five years.... no time for bows anymore. So here I am on Etsy, doing what I love best. Bright, colorful fabrics just speak to my heart, and that's why I was immediately drawn to your fabric, Wendy! 

Thanks for the opportunity to be featured in your blog!

Cindy Fix @ 8th Day Studio

When you have a chance, check out Cindy's studio...maybe the perfect gift will be found for a loved one in your life. Have a great day!

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