Lift Your Spirit Presentation

Hi Everyone,
I recently had the pleasure to give a presentation called Lift Your Spirit—Journey of a Fabric Designer to over 200 members of the Ohio Valley Quilter's Guild 

...I will admit, I planned, I reviewed, designed and practiced my speech, but in the end, I was still nervous. I am so grateful that my family and friends were their to listen, give advice and support in the creation on this "first ever speech" on this subject. With the help of my sister, Julie, we handed out eleven give aways! Fun, right? In the end, I felt exhilarated, exhausted and proud for pulling myself out of the comforts of my studio and doing something new. And as promised, I mentioned I would be listing my New Year's resolutions—do new challenging things that take you out of your comfort zone. I know it seems strange to hear the term "New Year's Resolutions" in February, but let's stick to at least some of the changes we want to make!

Thanks to Heather Wind for her photography and Meredith Loughran for her advice and support. 

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